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Can the extract also be procured ?

The structure and purity of compounds can be confirmed by spectral data, but in the case of extracts, differences in content are expected to occur depending on the season, collection location, etc. In addition, there is a possibility that components that cannot be predicted from spectral data may be included, and We only procure the extracts standardized with active ingredients.

How is the fee for a search determined ?

The minimum fee is $ 50. The fee will be determined by the time required. Our company hopes you will patronize us as a substitute for your company’s search department.

What types of contracts are available for the contract synthesis or drug discovery research support ?

You can choose from the following two types.
FFS(Fee For Service):This is a contract type in which payment is made for deliverables (syntheses, research reports, etc.). Our company will do our best to introduce the contracting partner to avoid any failure or delay in the synthesis or research.
FTE(Full Time Equivalent):This is a type of contract with a fixed term. The payment is not for the deliverables, but for the labor itself during the contract period.

How are the fees for compound procurement, contract synthesis, and drug discovery research support determined ?

Our company asks you to pay the fee in two steps, and the total fee is 10% of the product price (or the final service price). Our company will make sure that you are satisfied with our products (or services).

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