STEP 1 Contact us
Please fill out the inquiry form and send it to us.
※Our company will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the details of your request.
※If it is necessary to conclude a non-disclosure agreement due to the disclosure of the information necessary for the quotation, we will conclude a non-disclosure agreement in advance.
STEP 2 Pay in advance (for cases other than search only)
As a means of confirming your intentions, our company asks for payment in advance as part of the fee according to the estimated amount.
STEP 3 Start executing your request
After concluding a confidentiality agreement with the contract partner in advance if you wish, the contract partner will start executing your request.
STEP 4 Confirm the achievement of your request
You and our company confirm the achievement of your request with data.
STEP 5 Delivery of requested products
The products will be delivered directly to you.
After delivery, our company asks you to inspect the products and issue the acceptance certificate.
STEP 6 Pay the balance
Our company will send you the payment invoice and ask you to pay the balance of the fee. Our company will send you the receipt.

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