Search for literatures, patents, drug discovery support tools, etc.

  • Synthetic methods, bioactivity, stability, ADME, supplier information, etc. of known compounds
  • Patent status of the compound you pay attention to
  • Contract synthesis partners of unknown compounds
  • Contract research partners for bioactivity, stability, ADME, etc. of new compounds
  • Drug discovery support tools using AI system

Research promotion by the procurement of compounds or matching with contract synthesis partner

  • Small molecules
    From research reagents (small quantities) to ingredients of supplements (bulk quantities)
    For example, urea for AdBlue, Palladium etc.
    Compounds libraries, both known and unknown
  • Peptides
    Cyclic/chain, natural/unnatural, peptides libraries
    Antigens, various monoclonal/polyclonal antibodies, etc.
  • Nucleic acids
    Antisense, aptamer, siRNA, etc.
    LNA(Locked Nucleic Acid), BNA(Bridged Nucleic Acid), etc.
  • Oligosaccharides, glycopeptides, etc.   

 Please contact us for compounds other than the above list.

Support for drug discovery research

  • Promotion of research by matching with contract research partners around the world
    A wide range of drug discovery-related assays, from target discovery to safety and toxicity
  • Procurement of various assay kits
  • Support for the introduction of drug discovery support tools using AI system

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